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Maintenance vs. Warranty

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Why do I need to do maintenance if I have a warranty? This is a question we get A LOT! It really helps to understand exactly what a warranty is covering, and what a maintenance is doing first. What is a Warranty? Your parts (and possibly labor) warranty are the promise of the manufacturer, and /or an insurance company, to take financial responsibility for a covered repair. What is Maintenance? Maintenance is your routine preventative care for your system! You do routine care in lots of parts of your life! Oil changes for your car every 3-20k miles, cleanings for your teeth every 3-6 months (right???), and your annual physical with your general practitioner (right-right???).

Our maintenance program, The Complete Comfort Club, covers you for a range of manufacturer recommended services and ensures that you will be eligible for warranty coverage in the event of a needed repair.

More about our Complete Comfort Club We are here to help - and we built a program to do just that! The Complete Comfort Club provides regular maintenance to your HVAC system - including filtration! We have designed this program to save you money, keep you safe, ensure your comfort, and provide peace of mind year-round.

Complete Comfort Club
Join our Club (it's the hottest AND coolest in town)

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