What our customers have to say about us

Our air conditioner went out and we had to get a new one while we living in Round Rock. My mom had used them before and gave them a call. Steve came out and first looked to see if the system could still work. As he discovered, it was dead. He then sat down and went over options of various systems and the features. He asked me and my wife what was most important in a system.

We decided to use SOS because of the positive experience my mom had, the price seemed reasonable and Steve seemed to be extremely knowledgeable. They gave a day and time they would be out to install and they were right on time. We had a 2 story and the work was hard, but they were very diligent and professional through the whole process. Their cleanup after the install was great. After the install Steve went over the warranty and energy rebates.

I don’t usually go with extended maintenance, but with a AC unit I thought it was a smart idea. I can’t have it cutting out in August. Chris comes out and does a great job in servicing the filters and checking out the system every 6 months. I didn’t want to deal with this on my own. Belinda in the front office schedules these times and wants to hear from me if there are any problems. We moved to Georgetown and used SOS here for servicing until we had to replace as the AC unit was 16 years old. I have been very pleased.

Sean Y, Austin, Tx

Ron and the staff were awesome to work with and the best quality contractor that I received a bid from.  Most contractors were pushing cheaper brands, but I wanted the best, a Trane.  They gave me all the information that I needed on the latest Trane options.

Being a single lady, they also made me feel safe to work with.

Kelley O, Lago Vista, Tx

The salesman who came over to give us pricing on replacing our system was the reason we bought from SOS Mechanical.  His professionalism, knowledge, experience and presentation won our business.  He was very informative and considered us a “team” to improve our A/C-Heating needs.

The installers did a good job and we are very happy with the 2 stage system that we purchased.  We’d recommend SOS to anyone needing professional repairs or replacements !

Ed C, Austin, Tx

I would recommend SOS Mechanical to anyone who needs repair or replacement on their Air Conditioning and Heating system.  Ron is a good representative for SOS being very professional and gave me confidence in choosing the right company.  The men who did the installation were also professional and friendly.  I gave SOS a “10” on everything from the Trane Survey.

Clive S, Austin Tx

We wanted to thank SOS Mechanical for exceeding our expectations during the replacement of our heating and air conditioner system and would recommend them to anyone.  We can hardly wait for summer to use our new air conditioner!

Dave T, Austin Tx

From the receptionist who answered the phone, to the sales consultant Ron, to Linda and the installation team, we could not have been more pleased with their services.  The pricing for our new heating and a/c unit was competitive and every in and out about the rebates, financing options and product choices were perfect.  There was no pushy sales pitch.  They were recommended by a neighbor, so I trusted their opinion.  I would recommend them to anyone.

James W, Round Rock Tx

We were very pleased with the sales process, the installation and the equipment that we purchased.  We definitely would recommend SOS to anyone.  Thank you.

Raymond H, Leander Tx

We compared detailed proposals from 5 different contractors and decided on the Trane Product with SOS Mechanical.  They had several positive comments in our Sun City contractors book and our trust in SOS after working with Ron in particular led us to our decision to go with SOS.

Once the installation began, we developed the same respect for the installation team too.  We would highly recommend SOS Mechanical !

Dr Richard W, Sun City, Georgetown, Tx

We used SOS last year for a repair on our furnace and were very satisfied with the work that Chris did for us.  With such great service, we went back to SOS when it was time to replace our system.

SOS worked with our tight schedule which really took the stress of replacing this out of our lives and we definitely would recommend them to anyone.

Will C, Round Rock, Tx

It is so nice to be cool in our home again!! We were very happy with every aspect of our experience with SOS Mechanical; initial contact, estimate, the Trane product, and installation.

Ron and the installation crew (Linda, Matthew, & McKenzie all displayed professionalism, courtesy, respect, and concern about doing the job well. It’s the kind of company we wish we came across more often.

We will definitely use SOS again and will highly recommend them to others.

Jane and Dave O, Round Rock, Tx

Both my wife and I are very happy with the new 2.5 ton Trane system installed in our home. We got a great team, knowledgeable salesman and skillful technicians. They were very responsible and got the work done no matter how hot it was. They kept the room and work area clean, had red carpet from the entry door to the attic stairs. Everyone worked so hard, especially Chris. Ron is a very knowledgeable salesman with great responsibility from start to finish. He responded every my call, and answered every question I asked.

With their great services and the low price, we will not trade for others.
We will recommend you to our friends and neighbors if they have AC problem or new installations.

With the cool air in the hot afternoon, we are so grateful for all the work you have done for us.

Thanks Again!

Benny W, Austin, Tx

We are very pleased with the service by SOS Mechanical. We had another contractor that we were ready to go with, but after 2 sales calls and 2 missed scheduled installation dates, we had had enough. We located SOS through a referral and they professionally installed our new Trane 20i central air conditioner and also installed a mini-split system for our newly enclosed patio. We will definitely refer our friends to SOS Mechanical and Trane. They have a “10” rating from us!

Don R, Georgetown, Tx

We received a shocking electric bill in late 2009 that was three times what it should have been.  We looked in the phone book for a Trane service company and found SOS Mechanical.  They sent Chris out to check out the problem.  He found that the problem was actually that the power going to the Condenser was on the wrong leads.  Going up to the Air Handler he found the problem and fixed it.  He did mention that we probably should replace the 16 year old system due to age.  He also pointed out that the original contractor had connected the larger condenser unit to the smaller air handler and vice versa.  Therefore the system was not operating at its designed efficiency.

After keeping the system turned down as much as possible to keep the bills down for a few weeks, we decided to look into replacements.  We contacted five companies to come out and evaluate the system and present proposals. We had had such good service from the Trane units; we really wanted to stay with that manufacturer.  Two of the companies recommended other brands as just as good or better for various reasons.  Others offered Trane along with alternate companies.  Some checked the house size, others just went with what we had (2 ½ and 3 ½ ton units).  The cost proposals were very non-detailed as to what was included other than two units of a size and brand.

Ron with SOS inspected the existing system to determine problems and to give a recommendation.  He also measured the space involved for each system and calculated the actual output needed for each with the condensers and air handlers matched with variable speed fans and programmable thermostats.  He determined that we could actually decrease the size of both systems by a half ton.  Additionally his proposal listed each and every piece of the system by part number and the labor required such that there would not be any “Oh, we found that we had to do this so the bill will be this much extra!”  After we accepted his proposal, the installation was scheduled for 5 days later.

The install team arrived at the appointed time and Linda explained what they were going to do, in what order, and how long it would take.  They began immediately and finished at the time the following day.  They installed one system each day so we would have heat and air overnight.  They always put on “booties” when they came inside so not to track in anything.  They cleaned up all the packing and old system components and left the house and property looking like they hadn’t been there.  We would recommend SOS to any of our friends looking for a replacement system.

Richard W.  Georgetown, Tx

My husband and I would like to take a moment to give your company some thanks and praise.

First off, let me say thanks for the Christmas card that was mailed to our homes previous owners 2 years ago.  We would never had found your company without it.  Second, thank you for sending Chris over to our home to look at our system, we were pleasantly surprised that such a young guy knew his stuff so well.  He was knowledgeable, friendly and polite.  He answered all of our questions and explained the benefits of buying a service contract, which we did.

We saw him for the spring and fall service last year and then in December, here comes another Christmas Card made out to us.  I call this Customer Service!   Chris again came out for the late winter service and discovered a small problem.  He was straight with us and didn’t try to upsell us on anything.  We made a decision for the repair and appreciate his no pressure sales tactics.

In conclusion, I would like to say Thanks SOS Mechanical for being all about Customer Service.  Your employee’s professionalism is truely refreshing in todays world!

Amy K, Pflugerville, Texas

I wanted to thank Ron and SOS Mechanical for such a professional job in replacing the HVAC in my home. Also a special thanks for all the emails, phone calls and working with my mom as I traveled with my job. it was a pleasure!

Sandra O, Round Rock, Texas

We have a 2 story home that was built with a single HVAC system and there has always been a problem with the upstairs and downstairs tempuratures being 5-6 degrees different, the upstairs always hotter than downstairs. We have several contractors come in and give us their solutions and price estimates.

We chose SOS Mechanical because they took the time to really listen to what we wanted to accomplish. Ron, the sales consultant checked out all our ductwork and made suggestions to fix the airflow in our home. In addition, he provided us with mutiple options for the equipment as well.

We decided to put Zoning in our home, which helps the HVAC system act like two systems, and added one vent in our living room. This, along with the highly efficient XL20i and Clean Effects filtration system corrected all the issues that we had since the home was new. We could tell the difference the first night!

SOS’s installers were great. They were professional, friendly and took care of our home like it was theirs. We would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks SOS!

Steve and Robyn, Cedar Park, Texas

Our six-year old system had temperature balance issues in some rooms and an aftermarket coil that failed.  We decided to replace it with a Trane.  Of the four dealers we contacted, only SOS Mechanical met all of our criteria.  They made the best impression, listened to our concerns, took all the measurements needed, reviewed their approach with us, and then left us with a detailed printed estimate of the equipment we needed and the tasks to be performed addressing our concerns.  The warranties and the semi-annual maintenance program were explained to us as well.  My questions had been answered on the first visit.

SOS Mechanical went the extra mile.  Ron not only told us about the Trane CleanEffects system, but demonstrated it too.  They all took care to wear booties in the house or removed their shoes.  Steve, Linda and Chris arrived on time, were friendly and courteous, and completed their work in a timely manner.  They put down floor covers where they worked in the house, even the garage.  At the end, they demonstrated the equipment.  Being a Trane Comfort Specialist and NATE Certified were important to me.  It was easy to see why they earned an A++ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

After the installation, the system is quiet, and when it is performing, the temperature changes without the blast of hot or cold air, because of the variable speed fan.  It is a welcome change.

Ralph and Carol, Georgetown Texas

Our air conditioner had gone out and we contacted a couple of local contractors to help us determine what would be the best unit to purchase.  When we purchased the house a few years ago, there was a large garage conversion done by the previous owners.  We weren’t sure if we needed to install a larger unit because of this or not.  Both contractors said it wouldn’t hurt to put in a larger air conditioner but we really weren’t sure what to do.

We found SOS Mechanical listed on the Trane website as a Comfort Specialist and asked them to advise us on what they thought we needed.  The sales consultant told us it would be better to inspect the ductwork and measure the house to find out exactly what was needed.  In a couple of hours he advised us that we needed to stay with the same size unit that we had and correct a couple of problems with the ducts in the attic while installing the new system.

We were shown a couple of options with the equipment with pricing.  We decided on one system and had them install it the next week.  We are very pleased with the sales consultant and installers.  They went above our expectations in everything they did and we would highly recommend them to anyone!

Lloyd A,  Copperas Cove, Texas

I had SOS Mechanical replace my old Air Conditioner and Heating system with Tranes top of the line system.  I had humidity problems in my home and just couldn’t get comfortable.  After discussing this with their consultant, I decided to add a dehumifier for the summer and a humidifer for the winter.  What a difference this made!

I was pleased with SOS Mechanical and the Trane system that they installed and would recommend them to anyone.

Jane P,  Georgetown, Tx

We recently has SOS Mechanical replace our Air Conditioner, Furnace, Compressor and Coil.  They are a great company to deal with.

The Sales Consultant offered three alternative units for our consideration.  They were always prompt and came when they promised.  The installers were very personable, knowledgeable and work together very efficiently.

When the installation was done, the work area was cleaned up better than before they arrived.  We are pleased with their work and with the equipment they sold us.

I would not hesitate to recommend SOS Mechanical to anyone needing the replace thier HVAC system.

Edward & Jan, Sun City, Georgetown, Texas

We had a very customized HVAC system installed in our home and want to say “Job well done”.  We are very satisfied with the equipment and installation.

Gene & Wanda T,  Kingsland, Texas

This is an outstanding company.  SOS is all about it’s people who are knowledgeable and very dedicated.  An extremely pleasant business experience – Rare in today’s cutthroat economic climate.  Highly recommended!

Greyson B, Round Rock, Texas

We built our home 15 years ago with 2 Trane AC units and recently had to replace one of them.  We called SOS Mechanical after discovering that they were a Trane Comfort Specialist with a Better Business Bureau rating of A++.  SOS came out to our home, showed us different systems and we chose the one that met our needs, including the Clean Effects air filter.  We can smell the difference that the filter makes and love the variable speed fan plus how quiet the unit is.  Thanks SOS!

Debbie M,  Cedar Park, Texas

We use SOS for our commercial business HVAC systems and know that they are one of the best HVAC companies in the business.  I trust them enough to use them on our home HVAC system as well.

Monica B,  Austin, Texas

I purchased my home new about 12 years ago.  I had my first repair on my air conditioner about two years ago. I decided to call SOS Mechanical to repair my unit after getting a positive recommendation from a neighbor that had used them. Chris came out and promptly fixed my problem. Chris was prompt, courteous and professional.  The repair bill was reasonable.

Most recently my upstairs air conditioner could no longer handle the heat load so I solicited bids for a new air conditioner and heating system for the second story of my home.  SOS came to my home and evaluated the current system and then proposed a new system. Since I plan to live in my current home for many years I wanted to purchase a high quality system so that we could be more copmfortable and to save more on our utility bills. The SOS consultant was professional, knowledgeable and not a high pressure salesman. I decided to purchase a new Trane 16i Air Conditioner and Heating from SOS Mechanical. Since my husband and I have allergy issues, we also purchased the CleanEffects electronic air filtration system

The SOS Mechanical team installed my new system on the scheduled day. They were professional and put down floor coverings on my floors and cleaned up after the installation. I used to have to set my old system to 68 degrees for my desired level of comfot. I acheivel a sililar level of comfort on my new system by setting the thermostat to 78 degrees. I am enjoying lower electric bills with this system and we can breath better with the CleanEffects system.

I would highly recommend SOS Mechanical for anyone seeking a reputable Heating Air Conditioning and Ventilation company that does high quality work.

Karen M., Austin, Texas

SOS Mechanical answered all my questions and quoted several options. They were so thorough that I did not seek any other quotations from competitors. I am completely satisfied with the customer service and installation of our new AC and furnace.

George. G. , Round Rock, TX.

SOS did a very good job of recommending the system that we purchased.  They had considerable expert knowledge and were not high pressure salesman. I am sending all of my friends and neighbors to SOS Mechanical for their HVAC needs.

Paul M., Austin, TX.

The in-home consultation was conducted professionally.  He answered all my questions and discussed my needs.  The team that installed the equipment came at the time designated, were efficient in removal of old system and installation of new one. Everything went well!  I would recommend SOS to anyone.

Kelly. B. , Cedar Park, TX

I had 4 AC companies come to my house and give me estimates. SOS Mechanicalwas great, very knowledgeable and that’s why I did business with them.

N. H. , Round Rock, TX.

My expectations were high and at the end of the project I was very happy with my selection. SOS Mechanicalmade “Spending a large chunk of cash” a pleasure.

J. W. , Georgetown, TX

We have needed a new HVAC system for about 12 years.  We made a mistake that long ago and went with the cheapest model out there.  And it turned out not to be that cheap.  Considering the headache and constant repairs, I would have done it differently, and I just did.  Steve came to our house just a couple of weeks ago.  My husband, the engineer, sat down with us and was very impressed with the professionalism and understanding of the new systems out there.   As it turns out, we were talked into the upgrade. And I am so glad! SOS has turned out to be just the kind of company you want to work with.  They did everything they promised.  They returned e mails and phone calls, and showed up when they said they would.  The unit was installed in less than a week.  The installers invaded our house with red carpets and shoe covers.  They knew what they were doing.   At the end of the day, we had a new unit and a new relationship with our HVAC contractor. The unit performs exactly like they said it would.  And it feels so good to know that we are usingmuch less energy now and finally staying cool!!!  Did I mention that it is fun to be cool!!

Thanks, Steve.  Thanks, SOS Mechanical!!
Kathy M.

I got my June Electric Bill yesterday.  Last June, running the old unit on 78, only from noon until 10:00 p.m. (and sweating all night), my electric bill was $227.  This year, cool as a cucumber, 78, day and night (we had it at 76 for a week but decided we were too cold because the low fan runs so often), my electric bill was $185.

Put that in your testimonials!! Did I mention thanks for talking us into the upgrade?

Kathy P