Air Conditioners

SOS Mechanical knows that Summer is HOT! With a Trane Air Conditioner we can make sure that your home is cool and comfortable all Summer long. 

After you install is complete- these units keep on giving. With Trane warranties, improved efficiency, and the all important home comfort. 

  Single Stage XL16/XR16

Single Stage XL16/XR16

Single Stage

Our base model replacement system. Quality Trane equipment, Expert instillation by SOS Mechanical, and a budget friendly price.  

Two Stage XL18/ XR17

Two Stage

The next step in comfort. Two Stage Trane systems automatically switch between full capacity and 70% capacity. Your system can choose between 'hi' and 'low' to provide more accurate cooling for your home. 

Variable Speed XV20/XV18

Variable Speed

The Trane TruComfort(TM) Variable Speed systems provide precise cooling to your home, no matter the outside temperature. Our most efficient system is also the most comfortable!